FREE radicals can damage our DNA. Absorbing or consuming daily on those shown in the below slide will greatly affect our body system, causing the operating system of our organs together with degeneration to go hay wire one day!
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Health is Wealth

This year, from Chinese New Year till mid July, was not good.

I started having sore throat almost like twice a week or had it for at least 4 days continuously. So searched for some chinese herbs to consume. I need to take it like every alternate days, had to avoid heaty food and also refrain from eating chillies.

Also every night without fail, I had to get up at least 3 times or more to go toileting. Some days were like getting up every hour too. Leg cramps were unbearable because it was unlike the normal cramps which everyone had experienced. On top of that, skin rashes! Unbearable itchy only at certain timing in the day. According to skin clicnic doctor, that’s eczema! I couldn’t believe it! Told the doctor it wasn’t because it traveled with tge blood. It started on my for 2 legs, then tge next 2 weeks nothing. So was very happy but then after that, it will appear on my 2 hands. Same timing pattern up till shoulder and neck area. Very frustrating!

A friend introduced FOL to hubby but I doubted it helps so hubby consumed first as he always hope for some stuff to help get more hair on his scalp, he almost botak. After he had taken for about a week, i dont notice much change in his scalp but then he is no longer snoring very loudly in his sleep! He was having this problem since young. Now he is almost 70! So that really is a relief!

Attended the talks and also gave just a drop to my senior cat (have her for 19 yrs). Surprisingly tge next day when I stroke her bidy, only 3 to 4 strands of fur dropped off. Normally whenever we stroke her or combed her, her fur dropped so much, not non stop.

So I decided to try. After taking for 3 days, I realized I only gets up once or none during the night to go toileting. That helps me to get more sleep. Moreover skin problem looks okay. GOD bless!

Luckily I was introduced to consume this supplement and got better.

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