A passion in baking ….

I have this blog, mainly to allow my children to search for some recipes that they needed.

Also act as a dairy of products made by me.  But too bad, I am not good in the new Technology and worst then ever, not good in words!  Bare with me.

Thank you for visiting although I may not know you.


In Baking, it is all fun.

You have a recipe in hand, change a few items or measurements, you will get a new product!

But remember that if you just play around with baking, it is very costly.  So just bake whatever you need for the day or to give as a gift.

It is better to bake your own than buy because the ingredients you put in are definitely good and fresh and of top quality.

You can create the toppings yourself and made it you own.  Be creative.  But some products just need that old, old way of making.

Try baking bread.  An everyday need.  Nowadays, bread is getting more expensive.  Whatever you get from the shops, say buns, we Singaporeans like them soft but do you realize or know that the ancient way of making buns, the more firm ones are better?

This is because for example in wholewheat bread, more wholewheat bread is added and more healthy.  No bread improver is added too.  But time is the most important thing.  If you are not too busy or would allow half a hour in the evenings, then I suggest make a small batch of dough, add and throw or use half the batch everyday to make bread or buns.  If you are not free on some days, just keep the old dough in the freezer.  Then thaw it and use it whenever you need.

Happy baking.


2 thoughts on “A passion in baking ….

  1. it’s true but not as bad cos if you know what the consistency is suppose to be for the basic products, then you are safe.

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