Pita Bread – Rye


I have been trying to find out the best pita bread recipe.  This one takes at least 2 days to complete the product.

Using Peter Reinhart’s book.  1 day to prepare the soaker and biga and the next day to complete with the final dough.

I tried mine with dark rye flour.  A healthier product.

pita in oven1

After abt 1 plus min, the dough in the oven started to rise from the sides first.

pita in oven2Then it takes about 1 1/2 mins to rise to its fullest.  Wait for another 1/2 min to complete.  All in all it takes 3 mins.  This is the 1st time doing it in this oven, so I prepare to send my product into the oven 1 by 1.

pita bread

Taking a look inside ….

peeping inside

…it’s soft and spongy.  Although the top layer as thin as 3 sheets of paper together, but when you hold the pita, your hands can feel the sponginess of the bread.

Looking at the cross-section…

the opening


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