“Chin Chow” – Herbal Glass Jelly

I always wanted to try making Chin Chow with Konnayku but never made that effort.

Today, I got the recipe of make this glass jelly from a tv programme.  So I tried to make my Chin Chow with gelatin (the traditional way) but didn’t work.  Hmm… I think the gelatin that I have, is already kept too long in the drawer.

So I quickly heat it up and add konnayku instead.  I actually added a little sugar and some honey, but not too sweet.  So can add some more honey when eating .


chin chow

I succeeded!

Use 85g chin chow (dry)

600 ml of water

Add 1 tsp of alkaline water (Knead and wash with your hands to soften the dry twigs, but be careful of the sharpness of the twigs.  Do it slowly.  When the water in it gets very blackish and slight slimmy, then stop.)

Boil 1 litre of water in a pot

Add the washed chin chow (together with that blackish water) into the boiling water.  When boiling, lower and simmer for about 1 hour.

Strain the pot of chin chow water.  Back onto the fire.

Measure 200 g of sugar and 20g of konnayku jelly powder.  Mix well to avoid jelly powder from getting into lumps.  Not too sweet.  Can lessen the sugar.  Because if too sweet, you can eat it with honey.


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