Egg Tarts

I started preparing the egg tarts, rolled the 2 doughs.  Made the custard.  Then I remembered that I had given my tart moulds to my brother in law who opened a cake shop.  At that time, he forgot to buy some more moulds and need it the next day, so I past mine to him. Lol!

Now I had to use a flare tart mould!  Therefore, my finished product comes out not the shape I wanted but no choice.  Better then none.

I need to buy some new ones.  Most confectionery shops sells egg tarts by using sweet pastry but many still prefers the old fashioned ones , ie the Hong Kong flaky pastry type.

egg tartsSee, I told u!  That’s not the correct fluted mould that is for egg tarts.  Oh well!

egg tart -flackiness

Look at the layers!  That is an original egg tart pastry!


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