foccacia cut

Original recipe is taken from “On Baking” .  I borrowed the book from the library.

Foccacia (original)

sugar                    11 g

yeast                    11 g

Warm water     356 ml

Flour                    540 g

Salt                        9 g

Onions                  90g

Olive oil               16g

Rosemary            5g  (fresh ones, crushed)

Method (simplified by me)

  1. Mix all the ingredients together.
  2. Let rest to doubles.
  3. Knead and shape into a rectangle or square shape (according to your baking tray.  Let proof for 30 mins.  Scatter the crushed rosemary on top and bake.
  4. Bake @ 200 degrees or until the skewer that you use to test comes out clean.

Note: I added some other ingredients and bake half a recipe only.  This is just to test whether the recipe in the book is successful.  Not bad, it came out soft and got a chewy feel.  I use much of wholemeal flour and added husk and garlic.  I also spread some cheese on top as you can see.  This is to control the rosemary from dropping.


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