Grilled garlics

I always got problem with too many garlics, dried ones and rotten ones.

Then I decided to air-dry them.  Not bad.  But needed to soak in hot water before using them.  Troublesome.

I was watching the Robert Reinford show on Asian Food Channel, and he had the garlics grilled with oil and herbs sprinkled on the top.  But of course, he needed them in that recipe.

This gave me the idea of grilling my garlics and keep them in a container.  Store them in the fridge for future using.

I also kept some fresh ones in case I need them for some special dishes.

Grilled Garlics

Grilled Garlics

I just grilled them without putting the oil or herbs.

The actual way of doing, please watch the video:

View: How to roast garlics


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