Gui Lin Gao

It is good for cooling down your body system.  Try looking into the net for the original recipe, but after 2 days, still can’t find 1.

So went to the market and bought the gui lin gao fun (jelly).  Just add water and that’s it.

gui lin gao1

But because I bought the thin type of sugar cane and water chestnut to boil the water, I saved about 2L and added chrysanthemum into it.  Waited for right flavour and taste then sieve then back to the fire to bring to a boil.   Take some sugar and mixed with the gui lin gao jelly powder.  Then pour into the sugar cane drink , stir continuously till jelly is all dissolved.  Quickly pour into the moulds.

gui lin gao2But found that the taste is not as strong and bitter.  More like the chin chow taste.

I used 2 packets and had 14 cups.  But just minutes after cooling them on the table, I realized that I only had 7 left!

Hmmm!!!  Weather to hot!

If you did not put too much sugar, you can add honey. or liquid dark brown sugar or mint syrup.


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