Seafood Roll

Decided to make Seafood Roll as I have some of the stuffs ready.  Although lack of plain flour, these rolls came out fantastic!  Liked by all.  Eat them with sambal.  Shiok!

Seafood Roll – Actual Recipe

200g soft toufu

100g pork fat cubes (cut small cubes of 0.3cm or smaller)

1/2 tsp salt

200g prawn (cubed or roughly chopped)

1 mashed potato

350g fish fillet (roughly chopped)

1 egg

1 dsp sesame oil

1 tsp pepper

2 tbsp plain flour

80g tapioca flour (no substitutes, must use tapioca flour)

Own adapted recipe

I did not really measured my ingredients because I go for the feel of the ready product (before cooking).

If you know how to make prawn, fish crackers, you will know the feel (constituency).

fish fillet

crab stick


bacon (if you use bacon, you need not add salt unless you prefer to be salty)

husk (abt 3 spoonsful)

tapioca flour (a must)

potato dry flakes

sesame oil

pepper 1tsp

chilli flakes (1 tsp) for the reddish dots that will show as a sort of deco

1 egg

2 dsp of plain flour (not in my this recipe mainly because I can find any plain flour in the house)


1. Mix all ingredients.

2. When all are mixed, you will notice the mixture when poured out will not stick to the sides of the bowl .

3. The constituency is like the uncooked fishball or will be like fresh grinded fish fillet.

4. Wrap them into 4 rolls.

5. Steam on high heat for about 15-20 mins.

6. Set aside to cool completely.

7. Cut into slices and deep fry them till golden colour.


i)     It is best to prepare the first part in the one day in advance and fry them the next day.  It is like fried carrot cake.

ii)   I just lightly fry them in a skillet as I dislike oily food.

iii)  If you like to have it crispy, you may want to dip them into a flour mixture then deep fry them.  Actually is up to your own decision.

Seafd roll


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