” Solar ” Iced Lemon Tea

Wah!! So hot!!

At 2.30pm, just came back after fishing at the 17th Avenue near Punggol end.

Dying of thirst!  Took TWO large cups of ice cold plain water.  Then I remembered what I watched last evening…..

From the programme “Chef at Home” , the chef was saying, “Who say that you need hot water to make tea?”

He said that the hot water makes the tea fast but …

So instead, he put a few tea bags, a small bunch of peppermint stalks and lemon juice into a container, place it outside under the sun.  In the evening, he brought it in, add sugar and poured into cups with ice.  He poured in coconut santan and he said it’s called “Thai ice tea”.

Therefore, I tried putting 3 teabags, poured boiled room temperature (cool) water into a 700ml water bottle.

Left it on the parchment of the balcony and under hot sun.  By 5.25pm, this is what I had (I had poured out half to make my lemon tea).


I mixed in honey and lemon juice.

To my amaze, the taste of the tea is lovely.   It wass not as bitter as what we normally drink.  Good!

Now with this idea, anyone can make tea while having a picnic at the seaside.


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