Baking Spinach Quiche without an oven


Haha! I made a spinach quiche without an electric oven.

As I have mentioned in my post on Mixed fruits and vegetable leather roll, those 3 packets of spinach plus another 1 packet from my fridge, altogether I had almost 3/4 kilo or more of them.

I used 300g of spinach here and the rest into the leather roll.

Did not actually weigh the ingredients.

Just put 10 eggs, 3 cups of shredded cheese (from my freezer), some herbs, salt, onion, and the spinach or try whatever you think you need to use up.

I used a tray that usually singaporean hawkers use to make ‘mien jian kuih’.

With the help of another grilling pan that I have and standing at the stove for more than an hour!

After heating up the grilling pan, placed on top of the other pan that holds the quiche.

This is the end product.  I managed to get quite an even color.  lol!

The slightly more browned portion shows the base of the quiche.  Not burnt but crunchy.


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