Fruits! Vege! Fruits!

Fruits from the freezer!

strawberries, blueberries and raspberries

Fruits from the fridge!

guava, honeydew (not sweet at all), apples, many more….

Spinach on offer!

3 packets at only $1.80!

All these ticked my mind again.

So decided that I should try out the mixed fruit and vegetable leather using the dehydrator.

This is what I get:

Beautiful!  If anyone is thinking of travelling, should make some and bring along.  Because it’s all about Vitamin C.

Mixed fruit and vege leather roll

These are also good snacks for children.  You can cut them into any shapes.

Try cutting them with the special art and craft cutters or scissors to make it more interesting to the children.  I basically have no such items in hand and have no little children with me so I cut them into squares, just right for us to put into the mouth.


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