Steamed a healthy cake? muffin?

Cross-section of the healthy 'cake'

I need to clear some space in the freezer.  Knowing that I still have a few types of nuts in the freezer, I decided to steam this cake:

a healthy 'cake'

This ‘cake’ does’nt have a drop of whatever cooking oil or fats.  Only the fats from the seeds used.  It is not oily at all.

When the batter was scooped into the aluminium cake containers that I used, did not need to be oiled too.  But the ‘cake’ looks shiny.

After removing from the steamer, I thought that the base of the cake would get stuck to the aluminium case but surprisingly it didn’t and came out nice.

the base

One thing here is that I didn’t use the actually steamer cos it was packed away.  I just used normal wok.

Hmm… am deciding to buy an electric steamer from Mayer.  Has anyone got it?  Wonder whether how good it could be !!


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