Enzymes – Wild Yam, Lime, Ginger

Not enough …

Wow… the enzymes that I had really is not enough.

This afternoon,  I made  ‘Huai San’ with the combination of apples and lemon.

This needed four weeks to ferment.  Oh no… a long time to wait….

Seriously making for 3 persons to drink really need to make all the enzymes in a larger bottle.

At present I only have the 1.2L ones.

I bought a 2L container a week ago, but I used it for the limes yesterday

And lastly, I am only left with 2 tiny bottles for the ginger combination.

Why not you try to make some?

While some of you maybe lucky enough to have a little garden of your own.  So I suggest that you use the fruit or rhyzomes from your own garden (maybe better if you have organic fruits) to make the enzymes.

Happy making.


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