Enzymes – Capasicum, Pineapple, Papaya

3 new bottles

I just bought these 3 new bottles and got it filled all in 1 day.

bitterguord + pineapple + lemon + cane sugar


From wikipedia:

“Bitter melon contains a bitter compound called  momordicin that is said to have a stomachic effect.

Like most bitter-tasting foods, bitter melon stimulates digestion. While this can be helpful in people with sluggish digestion, dyspepsia, and constipation, it can sometimes make heartburn and ulcers worse. The fact that bitter melon is also a  demulcant and at least mild inflammation modulator, however, means that it rarely does have these negative effects, based on clinical experience and traditional reports.

Bitter Melon contains four very promising bioactive compounds. These compounds activate a protein called AMPK, which is well known for regulating fuel metabolism and enabling glucose uptake, processes which are impaired in diabetics. “We can now understand at a molecular level why bitter melon works as a treatment for diabetes,” said David James, director of the diabetes and obesity program at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney. “By isolating the compounds we believe to be therapeutic, we can investigate how they work together in our cells.”

Why not go and browse this on bitter gourd write out on your own and know more of it?


The root and fruit are either eaten or applied topically as an anti-inflammatory and as a proteolytic agent.

It’s also a benefit for some intestinal disorders and others believe it serves as a pain reliever.


– go to this page to read about its Nutritional value.

papaya + grapefruit + lemon + rock sugar

Click the link to read about:




green, red, yellow capsicum + lemon + cane sugar (+ remaining few pieces of grapefruit)

Click the link to read about:

Capsicum or bell pepper


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