Phew!! Busy, busy, busy…

Since May till now, very busy in my new house renovation, moving, packing and unpacking.  There are so much to pack and then unpack.

Afterwhich, I am suffering from ‘tennis elbow’ now.  Anyway, I am happy and had a much more organized kitchen, almost to what I always wanted.

I bought an Ariston Openspace oven and also had a steamer too.  Nowadays I steamed the fish instead of frying.  In fact, I had almost all the food steamed.  Almost everything for everyday’s dinner, I steam or broil the food.

If I need it fast, I will use the pressure cooker instead.

So far, I had made a few items by using the new oven.  Some of which I had remembered to take a shot of some of them.

Onion Focaccia

Nutty Wholemeal Bread

Raisin Crunchy cookies

Almond Oatmeal shortbread (the flower molded ones)

Potato Bread (using 65 degree roux)


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