This year, I made about 250 pcs mini  snowskin mooncakes but only left with 30 for our own consumption.

With some filling left over, I decided to try some baked ones.

The first time I tried it was somewhere in the 90s and was not successful.  Afterwhich, I never dare to try again.

But because my saliva droos when I think of the salted eggs …. Yum yum…. Those sold out there in the shopping areas were sold at $35-42 for a box of 4s.  

So thought give it another try.  Was thinking maybe just make 1 tray of 6 pcs and so I had about half the amount of the skin dough left. 

When the 1st tray came out of the oven, wow, they were a success!

So I finished up all the remaining skin  dough and ended up with 8 pcs single yolk, 1 pc double yolks and 4 pcs green tea with pumpkin seeds!


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