Bread Maker adventure

I always wanted to try out bread in Bread Maker but just dont feel right to get a new set.
I wanted to borrow Linda’s but hers is out of order already.
Monday I was wondering in AMK and came across Cash Converter so went in to browse through.
My eyes caught hold of a bread machine right at a bottom shelf (priced @ $55). Checked it as it was rather new. But after asking for assistance to check whether it works then realized it was faulty.
The salesman brought out another set (priced @ $28) but looked old b’cos of the scratches on the cover.
But this set is working.
I bought it thinking it will serve as a trial set.
I tried a simple loaf and set it to 4hrs.
Just an hour before it was r

eady, my electricity tripped twice. Sigh!
So need to quickly transfer to my oven to continue the baking. Whilst transferring, I noticed I have carelessly dropped a little piece of dough onto the heating element. So careless of me! Although it flattened a little, it came out with good texture.

My main purpose of owning 1 bread machine was actually to use it to just knead the dough. My hands suffered arthritis since 1980s.

I tried again last night. Result = very good!



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