1 litre non-fat milk (or full-cream milk)

1 cup milk powder

2-3 tbsp natural (live) yoghurt


  1. Mix the milk and milk powder.
  2. Heat milk mixture till it reach 185 degrees C.
  3. Remove from fire.
  4. Cool till you get 40 degrees C.
  5. Stir in the natural yoghurt.
  6. Pour into glass bottles (do not cover with the caps).
  7. Put bottles into a thermal bag or oven (with light on).  Or in a warm place (abt 40 deg C).  Cover all together with a piece of clean towel so that if there is any droplets of water (due to condensation) gathered above the yoghurt or on the cover of the thermal bag , it would not drop into the directly into the yoghurt.
  8. This process takes 10 to 12 hrs.  The liquid milk will turn to concentrated yoghurt (more like soya bean curd).

Happy trying!