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Enzymes – Wild Yam, Lime, Ginger

Not enough …

Wow… the enzymes that I had really is not enough.

This afternoon,  I made  ‘Huai San’ with the combination of apples and lemon.

This needed four weeks to ferment.  Oh no… a long time to wait….

Seriously making for 3 persons to drink really need to make all the enzymes in a larger bottle.

At present I only have the 1.2L ones.

I bought a 2L container a week ago, but I used it for the limes yesterday

And lastly, I am only left with 2 tiny bottles for the ginger combination.

Why not you try to make some?

While some of you maybe lucky enough to have a little garden of your own.  So I suggest that you use the fruit or rhyzomes from your own garden (maybe better if you have organic fruits) to make the enzymes.

Happy making.

Enzymes – Home planted aloe vera, Guava

1 more week… Just 1 more week and my homemade enzymes are ready!

I bought this book

The enzymes that I made, I followed this book.

There is another book of mine but presently cant show the picture as it has been packed in the boxes.  I will shot a photo and show here after I moved and unpacked…. oh who knows when….

Visit this page to know more on how to make enzymes.

Raw Food Recipes:

The Function of Enzymes :

  • Cleanses the body by expelling toxins from the body, accelerates digestion and strengthens the immune system.
  • Accelerates metabolism and provide energy to the cells.
  • Enzymes help to reduces inflammation so as to speed up recovery of wounds.
  • Detox the blood vessel, helps to promote digestion.
  • Helps to break down cholesterol , and also helps in blood circulation

As we aged, our body system slows down.

Without enzymes, digestion comes to a halt and ending up with a bloated or gassy stomach.

The undigested food then produce toxin.

For more information on enzymes, please check out yourself on it.

Furthermore, after the fermentation period, usually 1-2 wks to as long as 3months, you will need to strain the product.  Whatever that fermented food remains, which I called them as food garbage, is kept in another container.  I added some white sugar and vinegar.  Cover them and it can be used to wash your dishes.  Basically, if our utensils are oily, I used diluted dishwash then pour some of the garbage enzyme into a basin of water to rinse all the utensils.

If you prefer just to use only the garbage enzyme only and no other detergent you may try.

For garbage enzyme you may like to read from this site:

Some videos from the youtube:


more videos can be viewed on this page.  The Enzymedica website.

Fruits! Vege! Fruits!

Fruits from the freezer!

strawberries, blueberries and raspberries

Fruits from the fridge!

guava, honeydew (not sweet at all), apples, many more….

Spinach on offer!

3 packets at only $1.80!

All these ticked my mind again.

So decided that I should try out the mixed fruit and vegetable leather using the dehydrator.

This is what I get:

Beautiful!  If anyone is thinking of travelling, should make some and bring along.  Because it’s all about Vitamin C.

Mixed fruit and vege leather roll

These are also good snacks for children.  You can cut them into any shapes.

Try cutting them with the special art and craft cutters or scissors to make it more interesting to the children.  I basically have no such items in hand and have no little children with me so I cut them into squares, just right for us to put into the mouth.