In search for herbs!!

It is not easy to have any family members having medical problems.

But it is ok for me, myself having medical problems.  Why? To tell you the truth, as a housewife, we know what to do, what to take, what sort of remedies to use.

Having a diabetic family member, I went in search for “FENUGREEK” a herb used

by the Indians in their curry.  It is said to thicken the curry.

Found out about Fenugreek and it was very helpful in many health problems.

Best to read it up yourself on any of the herb if you are interested to know about any

here (in English).

For chinese translation here.

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Fenugreek helps those having cases like diabetics, high cholesterol, sore throat, heartburn, and etc ……

An Update:

In Mustafah, we managed to get the Fenugreek in powder form!  Easy now. I don’t have to soak the seeds once every 3 days!

Another herb is ASIATIC PENNYWORT or Gotu Kola ( Centella Asiatica )

(all above adapted from

1.Effects on Blood

may neutralize blood acids, purify blood and may also lower blood sugar level.

2.Kidney Health

said to support kidney problems

3.Cardiovascular Health

helps in heart health and  circulatory system

4.Sleep Pattern

help people with sleeplessness

5.Bone Health

helps to decrease bone and joint discomfort

6.Effects against Germs

claimed to have effects against germs.

7.Blood Vessels Health

improves circulation, stimulates the growth of connective tissues and provide support and strength the walls of veins.

8.Liver Health

improves tissue regeneration in liver.

9.Brain Health

produces calming effects during anxiety, improvement in memory, mental alertness and concentration in individual.

10.Skin Health and Wound Healing

contains asiatic acid

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