I missed my baking….

Lately, since Nov 09, I had not been baking.

Reason is I sold my house and had to move to a rented flat.  When I sold my flat, my oven cant be removed cos it was titled as ‘Fixture’.

Since I moved to a rented flat, there isnt any oven, I cant bake at all.

Now, when my tiny flat’s keys are ready for collection in April, I decided not to built-in my oven so I dont have to sell it together with the flat next time.

Decided to have a stand alone cooker.  That is a cooker top with the oven built together in one.  So I can move the whole unit away with me!

I am at present looking at the Ariston cooker from Mayer.  But the price is $3399.  I am also looking at the Steamer (now at a price of $1899 – an offer price).  Since the release about the dangerous rays from the microwave, I seldom use it.  So that is why I am thinking of switching to a steamer.

Lately because of removal, the chinese new year and my trip to Korea, I was very busy indeed!  Now sort of can sit down and laze a little.  Not thinking of the new house renovation round the corner!  Ahhh… leave it for a while lol…

A week ago, ideas came to me that I should try on the ‘Old Style Steamed Egg Cake’ which my aunty always did in the 1970s.

Found a recipe on the web and I tried.  Of course changing a little here and there.  But I thought jus try it out 1st so I did not unpack the steamer from my barang (which was all packed in boxes awaiting to be moved again soon).

As I was only using a small kawali to steam my cake, I had great trouble!  Need to open up the cover to wipe off the evaporation droplets so often and that is why, I think, the cake did not ”laugh” at me!

I must try again.

I also make some enzymes with aloe vera, guava, lemon ….

So still keeping myself busy!

Wah!   Nowadays renovation cost is no joke man!

Just hope we can move into the new place early.  Very tired!


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