My retirement age – Ha! 55

A nice double ‘5’s!

When I was young, I dream that way before my retirement age, I would be really free.  Free from being a caregiver of my children.  Well I needed to be cared too!  Don’t everyone think so?

God gave me a pair of beloved children!  Thank You!

Sobs! I need to put my nephew’s (or foster son’s) daughter as a ‘grandchild’ replacement .  Well also thank you God for this little  ‘grandchild’ – a placement for that ‘…kong shi…’!

Today, I decided to have a different birthday celebration!  Ya!  Have a ‘younger’ way of celebrating it.

Care group meetings are only on Fridays!  Hmm!  Well it may be good to celebrate it early.  So decided to invited the brothers and sisters of the group to come over to my place for the meeting on 9-11.  WOW!  9-1-1 in 09; easy to remember.  But, sh….sh…. , none of the members knew that I am celebrating my 55 birthday. Hehe!  Ah! Give them a surprise.  So I just mentioned that since it was the first time they were coming over, I am throwing a little party as a celebration.

So I did all the preparation all by myself, except for the sweeping and mopping of the floor which was done by my dear daughter.  I also asked her to stay home to help to serve some food as I know that I couldn’t take the load all by myself. Thanks dear girl!

I had in mind to prepare more food but was unable cos due to my konnayku jelly which was almost a failure and not able to set just because I was a little lazier (or trying to be to smart to cut a step because of saving some time).  In the end, I had to re-do from the 1st step to the end for a good end product — a lesson learned!  I was worried cos I didn’t have enough time.

On Friday 9-11, I made layers of nice, soft sponge cake to make a simple durian ice-cream cake, but due to the long hours of baking, the kitchen was really warm.  The ice-cream melted too quickly.  The last layer was almost soaked with ice-cream.  I got worried.  But I told myself, well, no cake, no mentioning of birthday then, so treat it as just a gathering since I did not mentioned it to the group yet.

Sad though, I sms to my daughter as she was out, and she came back with a close friend of hers and a ‘CAKE’ .  OOOOOOOOOOOOh! Thank you from deep, deep, down my heart.  Both of them paid for that cake for me!

Although I didnt have time to make ‘chicken pie’ and make ‘daifuku’ for the brothers and sisters who came, but thank God, it was a memorable birthday in my life.

A video clip here!




Lol! Age tells right?


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