1) Seems like Melbourne, maybe I chose a hotel in the city!

Some interesting places below:

The Railway Station at North Street

Railway Stn - North st

A lollipop shop:

lollipop shop - Adelaide


china town - adelaide

2) Toured Barossa Valley and the 5 markets.  But the trip to the 5 markets were really a waste.  We also tasted some red wine.  The Muscat is very shiok!

art sculpture hill5

art sculpture hill6

art sculpture hill7

art sculpture hill11

The Big Family ‘Old Gum Tree’

The old gum tree

The old gum tree2 - Adelaide

At the ‘Rocking Horse’ factory

Rocking Horse2 - Adelaide

The direction post @ the Rocking Horse:

Showing countries

direction stand1 - rocking horse

Showing states

direction stand2 - rocking horse

The Whispering Wall:

At the Whispering wall, which is the wall of the Reservoir,
is very fascinating.  It requires one person at each end of
the wall, one of the person just say something softly, no
need to shout, the other person at the other end is able
to hear the message clearly.

The whispering wall1

This wall (above) is the wall of the reservoir.  The water
is stored on the other side (below) of this wall.

The whispering wall3

The whispering wall - reservoir2

2 of the markets are below:

The Adelaide Wharf Market

Adelaide's Wharf Market

The Central Market

central market - adelaide

3) Glenelg jetty is a good place to fish.  But a local told us that Kangaroo Island is a better place.  Must go there one day.

4) Gl    ene    lG  – this name, read it to and fro , GLE N ELG.

5)  HarbourTown is a very big shopping area.

The jetty:

Glenelg Jetty2

Glenelg Jetty2

Glenelg area

This board below shows the types of fish and the required size that you are able to catch and carry from this jetty.  The measurement tape is also provided below.

Glenelg Jetty4

Glenelg Tourist Ctr

Glenelg Town Hall


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