Korea – Seoul

Feb 2010, 3rd day of Chinese New Year!  Yeh…. we are going to Seoul!

The weather is really cold!  You believe?  If don’t just check in the photos below and you’ll notice the ice on the rooftop.  Yes.  It was snowing on 2-3 days when we were there.  Luckily, I brought enough clothing.

Look at the ice!

Amusement Park

Ah... going in to take a bus ride to see the tigers!!

eh.... too near! can only capture the head portion... lol..

Hiya! A so called white tiger!Hiya!! A so called white tiger!

"A Parade"

Wow! Snow Snow Snow!!

Going up the ski mountain

Going up a mountain top by cable to view the former gold mine

G O L D !!!

Recognised this place? This is where 'Da Chang Jin' shoots her show.

This is the little kitchen where she cooks

At the strawberry farm where each of us are allowed to pick only 3 strawberries.

picking strawberries

A candy shop

Before the Korean language were introduced, they were using Chinese.

The Museum - A wedding ceremony

Here, they teach you how to make 'kimchi' - only for a few minutes and done!

HaHa!! This old lady lol!

Shopping time!! But bought nothing

Up, Up and away!

a special car park

HOME SWEET HOME ! 61 out of 288 photos taken are posted here


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