We went to Queen Victoria Market on a Saturday. The market was crowded with people. Peaches, oranges, lemon, apples….. were on offer.

Guess what!! A lot of difficult types of fruit were sold in carton boxes. Peaches were selling at A$10 per carton. I saw there were 25 peaches. Thought it was rather cheap as compared to prices in hometown. So I bought 1 carton. After all there were two other family members who were with me will be able to help me to carry some.

We decided to pack them into our bags. Then my son said there were two layers! Oh mine, which means 50 peaches instead!



We had heavy loads to carry then! Went home, started to think what I could do to the peaches. Eating them is of course 1 of the solution. Secondly, use them in baking. I also had twenty fruit cooked up for later use. The remainder is stored in the fridge. But I will finish them before this coming Saturday!


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